Healthcare: Medical Records Management

In the healthcare field, businesses and their staff have a responsibility to carefully manage and secure the records of patients.

HIPAA outlines the rules and expectations for healthcare practices with regards to managing patient data, securing that data, sharing information, and disclosing breaches. A single violation of HIPAA rules can cost up to $50,000.

Computer SI can develop data management strategies so that healthcare professionals can better manage the records of their patients.

Increase Office Efficiency with Better Medical Records Management

Currently, a lot of healthcare records management is done manually. This includes manual entry of notes, paper file management, and other time-consuming tasks. Worst of all, this manual work doesn’t actually improve the patient experience and may lead to mistakes or breaches of privacy.

By improving records management, enabling collaboration on files and charts, and automating repetitive tasks where possible, healthcare staff can focus more closely on patient care and satisfaction.

Improve Information Sharing and Privacy at the Same Time

In a busy clinic or healthcare office, there may be multiple professionals working on patient files. With better management of records, the most up-to-date information can be seen and shared instantly.

Of course, patient privacy stands above all other considerations. With better medicals records management there is less risk of unauthorized sharing or loss of important paper documents. Everything is securely stored digitally for faster access and safer storage.

Reduce Risk of Fines and Penalties

Employee error, device theft, and improperly stored data are the top three reasons for HIPAA violations. Medical records management that includes secure storage, workflow automation where possible, and compliant security measures can drastically reduce the potential for privacy violations and the penalties that can result.

By automating and bringing together multiple tasks into one streamlined workflow, there is also less risk that important files can be lost or misplaced. Once tasks are complete, the file can be immediately placed in the patient’s digital file for secure storage and immediate review by other stakeholders.

Healthcare for the Modern Age

Paper filing, manual entry, and outdated storage methods are an inefficient and risky way of doing business, regardless of the field you operate in. When it comes to healthcare, managing patient records is one of the most important duties you have.

Computer SI can help you improve your content and records management for easier processing and an improved customer experience.

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